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Over the past 4 years, Institute of Information Technology (IofIT) has trained and supported over 370 students who have found work across the Canadian cities. We are well known as the only training center where a student can learn hands-on IT skills and start employment within months in the North America.  Institute of IT Training (I-of-IT) is providing fast-track certifications based in Calgary, Alberta. I-of-IT is delivering programs in the field of Information Technology as a major Quality Assurance, Test Automation, Software Development, Project Management and Business Analysis.  Our students succeed because we offer : Flexible classroom and online training options, connecting students LIVE face-to-face for every session using the latest web presentation technologies, Canadian IT projects training. Canadian workplace culture training. The goal of Institute of Information Technology (IofIT) is to prepare our students for IT roles in the Canadian market. Often, skilled workers are challenged to secure gainful employment because their resumes are screened out or they are not successful in interviews. These are some common reasons for this: 1. Resumes do not contain the key words and technical skills the employer is looking for, 2. Education is lacking project-based learning exposure, 3. Interview skills need development; understanding of  behavioral and technical interview styles, 4. Canadian employers prefer to hire workers with Canadian experience, 5. Employers want workers who are independent, can work collaboratively with project stakeholders, are strong communicators, and can add value to their business unit. We are genuinely invested in seeing our students succeed and believe that our students need both: in-demand, practical technical training, and training in other common employment readiness skills. With this dual focus, Institute of Information Technology (IofIT) trains students through: a.) real-time projects, b.) providing hands-on experience on web/window projects, c.) training in processes and standards to follow, d.) resume writing training, e.) technical and soft skills interview preparation and job placement support.

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Who We Are

Institute of IT (IOFIT) is formed by professionals and consultants in North America who has passion to create technical and behavioural 'fit' candidates for small, intermediate and large corporates immediate needs.

What We Do

Since 2016, I-of-IT has trained over 370 professionals and helped them to get placement in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. We are well known as the only place to learn IT skills and start an employment within months in North America.  We have helped many small-medium enterprises, start-ups and large corporates by supplying skilled IT consultants who can add value to their ongoing IT projects. We’ve worked to build lasting partnerships with local communities while preparing our graduates to succeed in a global context. We have instill students the skill of 'thinking out-of-the-box?' and practicing details while working on individual/group assignments.  If you are an employer (no matter what size), we provide skilled IT resources through '3 months Work Experience' component. Reach us by email info@iofit.ca.

Meet Our Team

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