Mission Statement:

  • Train any individual in the Information Technology irrespective their background and experience.


  • Every course contains real-time project learning
  • Engage students for technical and soft skills learning
  • Help individual in finding right career path

Value Proposition:

  • Classroom and online training, connecting students LIVE face-to-face for every session
  • Canadian IT projects training
  • Canadian work place culture training

Elevator Pitch:

  • Institute of IT creates project-experienced students who can take any challenging jobs in these market.

Institute of IT was born with some special reasons. Many individuals found it difficult to get employment while having graduation and even experience in their own field. Their resume’s never picked up and not called for an interview. Here are the top reasons:

  • Resume not carrying right technical keywords 
  • Candidate’s education missing project-based learning exposure
  • Interview techniques not polished; behavioral and technical interview Q&A using S.T.A.R format
  • Canadian employers always looking to hire an individual who carries Canadian experience
  • Employer’s needs independent individuals, can take lead in projects, work with the team of project stakeholders, better communicator and can add value to their business unit. 

With these reasons, we determine to train individuals and prepare them for Canadian IT jobs. We have minimized these gaps by training individuals on real-time projects, providing hands on experience on web/window projects, knowledge on the process and standards to follow while employed, professional resume writing guidance, technical and soft skills interview preparations and job placement assistance. 

Institute of IT Training (I-of-IT) is providing fast-track certifications based in Calgary, Alberta. I-of-IT is delivering programs in the field of Information Technology as a major Quality Assurance, Test Automation, Software Development, Project Management and Business Analysis. 

Over the past 2 years I-of-IT has trained over 150 professionals and helped them to get placement in Alberta, B.C., Ontario and Quebec. We are well known as the only place to learn IT skills and start an employment within months in North America. 

We have helped many small-medium enterprises, start-ups and large corporates by supplying skilled IT consultants who can add value to their ongoing IT projects. We’ve worked to build lasting partnerships with local communities while preparing our graduates to succeed in a global context. We have instill students the skill of ‘thinking out-of-the-box?’ and practicing details while working on individual/group assignments. 

Locally we continue to offer industry-recognized fast track programs at our Calgary campus. Anyone can join our program online as we use latest web presentation technologies. Whether in our classrooms or online learning, students of I-of-IT experience the “real world” during the program. They are job ready even before their graduation day. Our students are more employable and job retained than many known institutes in Canada.

If you are an employer (no matter what size), we provide skilled IT resources through ‘3 months Work Experience’ component. Reach us by email info@iofit.ca.

Institute of IT