Donate to a hungry family

Charity begins from home!
No one should go hungry and we would like to help contribute Calgary Food Bank this year with a Food-Drive and Online-Virtual Fund Raising Events together with Institute of IT Training Calgary.
“According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, 11.4 per cent of all households in Alberta — approximately 169,000 — experienced some level of food insecurity in 2014, and that’s when Alberta’s economy was booming and jobs were plentiful. Since then, the economy has tanked and has posted two straight years of recession. And now families struggles in covid to get two meals per day” – CBC news
We would come to you with this cause and ask to help us collect the donations, food hampers and many other ways we can reach to each family in Calgary.
So I believe you are with us. And a big THANK You to you for being generous for others.
Do you have food hampers to drop off? You can now also drop at our doors as a convenient location in NE and we would do the rest. Our location is #221 2770 3rd Ave NE Calgary T3J 0V9
Do you want to donate funds, you can by doing it online 
Looking forward to your support Calgarians!