Frequently Asked Questions for QA/Software Development/All IT courses offered by IOFIT

Q: Do I need to have prior experience in Information Technology to take QA course?

A: Not really. At iofit, you learn QA course from very basic level. If you have good communications skills (English-Read/Write/Speak) and able to use Microsoft Office products (Word/Excel) as a regular user then you are good to join. At iofit, everything you learn is from real-time examples and projects which would help you visualize practical scenarios when you take a job in this field.

Q: I have a long gap in IT. I was a tester/developer long long time ago and I do not have confidence to go back to job as lot of things has been changed over the period of time. Will your course give me enough knowledge and exposure so I gain confidence?

A: 100%. The goal of iofit courses is to bring you practical project based approach and to make you realize how will you work if a company offer you employment and you are working on a project on your own.

Q: I have already some experience in QA/Software Development from companies in other country and will it help me to take a course from iofit?

A: If you have an experience from same field it is a plus point however you still learn from basic on how these projects managed in Canadian companies. You will be gaining Canadian experience.

Q: I am a graduate in HR/Hotel Management/Accounting/Logistics/Retail, am I eligible to do this course?

A: Yes. QA/Testing course does not require background or education in Information Technology. We have many successful students who have background in other than IT fields.

Q: What is the minimum requirement(s) for any course of iofit?

A: You should have good communications skills i.e. English speaking, writing, reading and listening. You do not need to show any language proficiency results however we believe you have good communications skills. Also you should be regular user of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Power Point)

Q: What is the duration of QA course and when does it start?

A: QA/Testing course runs only on weekend, one day per week for 8 weeks. You can pick Saturday or Sunday batch which starts 9 am till 2 pm. To check next batch, visit

Q: How much are fees and what does it cover?

A: Most of the course has $1250 plus GST. It covers training, material access, project tools access, resume preparations, interview preparations, Linkedin profile guidance, job assistance and support

Q: Why should I do fast-track IT course from IOFIT in 2 month while it can be done in popular college’s/universities in 1-2 year?

A: First: You should spend your time and money by considering your career goal.

When your goal is to get entry-level job, why should you pay a lot in fees and also spend 12+ months in training? The ultimate goal of each student is to learn IT program’s as fast practically with projects and be ready for IT jobs.

Second: You do not learn projects/assignments with real-time examples at bigger places. At IOFIT, you learn all programs based on real-time projects only.

Third: Our focus is to train and help you for placement no matter what your education/experience background

Fourth: We have more one-on-one focus due to smaller classroom size

Finally: An employer looking for your experience-based knowledge which you gain from projects and not from theories. Your interview is focused on behavioral and technical ‘fit’ with organization and that is the only way Canadian companies hire IT professionals.

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