Institute of IT Training brings highly subsidized and affordable program for NEW IMMIGRANTS of Canadian Cities.
Canada is an immigrants country. Millions of immigrants making Canada as their final destination in the hunt of good life. It is indeed a great country to live in and have a balanced life style. However that is not an easy journey.
Many immigrants facing getting a job and settle in their own domain as very difficult and challenging. Many times an immigrant working completely at different industry than what they have been educated and experienced from back-home. Now its time to understand why is that happen? Why your resume never picked up? Why did you not got an interview calls? Why did the employer choose someone having less experience than you? Why did an employer were seeking Canadian experienced individual?
Employers looking in you some Canadian education or experience, knowing Canadian work-culture, knowing how to handle work pressure and accomplish project milestones.
Institute of IT address all these issues and focusing on building an individual to be capable of taking new IT job after successfully completing our programs.
About Us. Institute of IT Training is running virtual-Online training since 5 years. We have 400+ graduates and many have been successful in securing their first IT role in Canada. Programs are 2-6 months fast-track focusing on hands-on training with real-world scenarios and case studies.
About New Immigrants Program:
Its highly subsidized and affordable for any individual who is a new immigrant in the city. Your program is complete coverage of Quality Assurance aspects with real-time project, resume and interview preparations.
For Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg/Toronto/Regina/Saskatoon/All Cities: 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th of November
Time: 9am to 1pm (Mountain Time) – all dates
Maximum Capacity: 25 (first come first serve)
Last Day to Register: 5th Nov 2020 5pm. 

Institute of IT Training Canada is registered and licensed staffing agency under the Government of Alberta Canada | 403-207-0273 |

CERTIFICATION: Software Quality Assurance – Foundations

Quality Assurance – Foundations 


  • 4 in-depth sessions of virtual-real time classroom learning from highly experienced trainers
  • Hands-on practice on IT-QA projects; Case-studies and examples from Canada’s top organizations
  • Theory + Practical exposure on Quality Assurance course content
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users; no previous experience or education required
  • Course content designed by considering current software testing demand from the job market.
  • Assignments at the end of every session, work on real-time project to apply your learning
  • Working experience on Jira/Zephyr tool for test case and defect management
  • Resume writing Assistance
  • Interview preparations with technical and behavioral important questions
  • Online library with full of all resource contents, study materials, journal articles and conference webinar video’s
  • Starting salary after completion this course (Calgary/Edmonton/Toronto/Vancouver): 45-55k per year or $35 to $45 per hour


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and computers
  • Average typing speed (30 WPM)
  • 18+ years age
  • Permanent resident or Canadian Citizen Or Work Permit holders

Regina-New-Immigrants-Software Quality Assurance Program

Winnipeg-New-Immigrants-Software Quality Assurance Program

Calgary-New-Immigrants-Software Quality Assurance Program

Edmonton-New-Immigrants-Software Quality Assurance Program


$699+GST payable by e-transfer the very first day/session, before or the same day class begins. Access to materials and Jira application will be given after only fees received in full. No refunds applicable at any time.

How to enroll?

  1. Register first by paying $50 non refundable fees – To reserve your spot
  2. Get an invitation from the institute for joining the first day session
  3. Get an access to materials/tools, complete training
  4. Get the certification
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