Foundation Level – Software Quality Assurance Course

Our Foundation Level SQA Course will teach you the knowledge and understanding fundamentals of Quality Assurance and manual software testing needed to start career as Intermediate QA Analyst. This is a classroom training course based in Calgary. Once you register for this courses, we will send you admission confirmation and invitation to attend training.

Course information:

  • Classroom component training (only weekends and weekdays)
  • Theory + Practical exposure on Quality Assurance course content: over 80 hours in total
  • Work on real-time project to apply your learning
  • Working experience on Jira/Zephyr tool for test case and defect management
  • FREE Session on Canadian Workplace Culture and How to survive on job from Industry Experts (New)
  • Resume writing Assistance 
  • Guidance on LinkedIn Profile Update
  • Online library with full of all resource contents, study materials, journal articles and conference webinar video’s
  • Recruitment Agency personal referral’s (one time and based on individual’s performance)
  • Guide on ISTQB Certification and past question papers with solution
  • Starting salary after completion this course (Calgary/Edmonton): 45k per year or $35 per hour


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and computers
  • Diploma or degree from registered institute either in Canada or abroad in English medium
  • Good communication skills

What you will achieve:

  • Certificate of course completion from Institute of IT Training Calgary
  • Hands on experience with Software Testing Tools (Jira/Zephyr and Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Lots of practice examples and home assignments to build your confidence
  • Can start Intermediate Quality Assurance Analyst or Software Tester job in marketplace

How to join this course:

  • Register with your name, email address and $100 registration fees HERE (We only take students who are registered, paid registration fees and committed to this course) 

Topics to cover:

  • Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Basic concepts of Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Terminologies
  • Different type of Applications
    • Client server
    • Web Applications
    • Desktop Applications
  • Different type of testing
    • White Box testing (Unit Testing)
    • Black Box testing
    • Integration Testing
    • End to End Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Database Testing
    • Browser Testing
    • GUI Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Regression Testing
      • Selecting Test Cases for testing
      • Prioritizing test cases
      • Which test cases to execute for Regression
      • Create regression test cycle under Zephyr/Jira, assign regression test cases, execute and report on daily scrum basis
    • Pre-Prod testing
    • PROD validations
    • Hypercare/Warranty period validations
  • Different types of testing techniques (Equivalent Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Use Case, State Transitioning, and many)
  • Different types of Environments (Dev, Test, UAT, Pre-Prod, PROD)
  • Testing Business Documents
    • Gathering Requirements
    • Test Plan
    • Test scenarios
    • Test cases
  • Test Execution & Testing Cycle
  • Defect management using severity and priority
  • Change Management
  • Release Management (for minor and major releases)
  • Bug life Cycle
    • Identifying and Reviewing Bugs
    • Bug Analysis
  • Live Project 1 – Functional Testing for web-development project
  • Live Project 2 – Regression Testing for wed enhancement
  • Live Project 3 – System Integration Testing for a large Dummy project
  • Unlimited access to class material from for laptop, mobile or tablet; anytime anywhere
  • No limits on attending classrooms for upcoming batch
  • Support till you find job and placed in QA field