Following programs are scheduled on the date and time provided. The date and time may change based on the minimum number of students registered.

QA-Software Testing – Personal 1:1 or Online In-Class (Complete QA Courses)

  • QA-Advanced +Automation+API+SQL                       Aug 6th, 2022 (Saturday) at 8.30 am (MST)  – Open For Registration 
  • QA- Advanced (Manual Testing Only)                        –  Aug 6th, 2022 (Saturday) at 8.30 am (MST) – Open For Registration 

Business Analysis

  • Business Analysis Advanced with Resume + Interview prep + Career tips –
    Aug 6th, 2022 (Saturday) at 9 am (MST)– Evening and Weekend

Ethical Hacking – Training Courses & Certification
July-Aug 2022  

Front End Software Development

July-Aug 2022 

UX – UI Designer

July-Aug 2022 

Financial Accounting I – (Complete Online Course)

July-Aug 2022 

Cost Accounting – (Complete Online Course)

July-Aug 2022 


  • Software Development: All cities
    • Weekend – Saturday – Complete Tableau-Desktop course in 8-9 sessions.
    • Registration OPEN Click to register.

Software Ethical Hacker Program

  • SOFTWARE ETHICAL HACKER –Weekends – one day per week – 4 hours per session. Registration OPEN – click to register

    July-Aug 2022

ISO/IEC Certification Trainings

ISO/IEC 27002 Training Courses and Certification
July-Aug 2022 

  • ISO 27001 – Foundation
  • ISO 27001 – Lead Auditor
  • ISO 27001 – Lead Implementor

ISO/IEC 27032 Cyber Security Trainings
July-Aug 2022

  • ISO 27032 – Cybersecurity foundation
  • ISO 27032 – Lead CS Manager

All courses are taught from the basics and on a real-time scenario (project) basis. All classes are subject to minimum capacity. Admission is on a first come first served basis and subject to IOFIT terms and conditions. Registration is mandatory and fees must be paid before you start any program.

You must register and pay registration fees for each course from Registration fees are part of your total fees.

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